Monday, August 20, 2007

2001 Jeep® Willys

The back-to-basics, composite-bodied Jeep® Willys showcases the design and technology of the 21st century.

The Willys, unveiled at the 2001 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, features plastic body-technology, allowing for a radical approach to Jeep design while remaining true to the brand’s legendary capability. Shown in several concept vehicles designed by the Chrysler Group, injection-molded plastic bodies save up to 50 percent in weight and manufacturing costs and are nearly 100 percent recyclable. The molded-in-color plastic allows designers to create shapes not permitted with stamped metal, such as the crisp, rigid lines that give the Willys its high-tech, machined appearance.

The Jeep Willys’ lightweight aluminum frame-web is similar to technologies found in today’s top performance sports and military equipment. While its battle-proven, World War II ancestor was made of sheet metal, this concept was built in carbon fiber to simulate the weight savings that could be achieved with injection-molded plastics. Frame-web technology molds the one-piece carbon fiber body to an aluminum frame, giving the Jeep Willys industry-leading rigidity.

Designed with a sense of adventure, the Willys creates a fresh, ultra-modern interpretation of the legendary Jeep brand. Confidence-inspiring shapes such as the seven-slot grille, the uniquely executed wheel arches, the extremely short rear and the vehicle’s athletic stance maintain true Jeep character.


Earnest said...

This is a very strange looking 4x4. The fact that it is made of plastic that is bio degradable is ruly remarkable. Be interesting to know what else Jeep have up there sleeve

Bonney Bwire said...

the chrysler group has always been known for their great models of jeeps. when they came up with this model, with the body predominantly made of plastic many people were a bit skeptical about it. However, they surprised everyone as the model turned out to be such a great addition to their line of jeep.
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